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A visionary community project


One Device One Student (“OneDOS”) A Visionary Community Project aims to alleviate the education of all needy students that have been severely disrupted and impacted due to not having the proper infrastructure to continue their education remotely since the pandemic began by providing the devices to be used for their online school lessons, as an instructional tool to improve student learning experience and to ensure acceptance and readiness of technology and online classes are at a minimum level by providing the coaches to support them.

The objective is to increase IT literacy amongst students to strengthen their grasp on online education and to reduce education gap between children of different economic levels.

The objective is to increase IT literacy amongst students to strengthen their grasp on online education and to reduce education gap between children of different economic levels.

Alarming Issues

Lack of Access to Technology

For students from lower household incomes, school lessons have largely halted due to the households having limited broadband or no device to use to get onto the digital platform. Some households may have one device, but this device might need to be shared between parents and multiple siblings for work and school. 

A Research conducted by the Education Ministry involving 670,000 parents last year found 36.9% of some 900,000 students did not own any device to follow online lessons. (NSTP April 15, 2020).

In Budget 2021, the Government introduced The Cerdik Initiative to distribute 150,000 laptops to students from 500 schools, nevertheless, these would not be sufficient to cover the total number of students available.

Our observation also noted that based on Income Classification by household, M40 group with more than 2 children could be impacted with this online learning as they could not afford to equip devices for all their children. 

Children have lost interest in school

The number of students from the poor and middle-class communities that either attended the online classes or returned to the classroom is dropping at an alarming rate as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic’s disruption of lessons in school. Many parents also expressed concern that their children have lost interest in school even after the government began lifting movement restrictions and reopened educational institutions. In May 2021, the Government has again announced that classes were to be held online to avoid the risk of Covid-19 infections in schools.

The uncertainty in Malaysia education system could cause challenges as follow:

  1. Lack of motivation to self-learn.
  2. Unmanageable time spent on the computer
  3. Lack of confidence in academic and technology
  4. Increase the education gap and at the same time promotes low morale and mental health issues in children.
  5. The economic impact of COVID-19 will result in many poor families / women needing to support family income which could come to a point where the focus on children education is neglected.
  6. Spending more time online during school closures can leave children vulnerable to online sexual exploitation as predators look to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic.

Declining Numbers of STEM students

Based on the Science Outlook Report for 2017, the annual tertiary education enrolment in STEM courses was 40 per cent in 2016 from the targeted 60 percent. As for schools, in 2018, 44 per cent of students in schools chose STEM streams compared to 48 per cent in 2012. This issue has been highlighted since the past two years where the numbers of students pursuing STEM has dropped from the targeted level.

With the current Pandemic crisis hitting our country, this issue will be more prevalent and if not managed accordingly from the root cause, i.e. from schools, we will be seeing lesser students entering STEM which would result in the Country facing shortages of STEM experts in the near future.

The Objective

To equip all needy students with devices that will be used for their online school lessons and learning that can increase IT literacy amongst students and strengthen their grasp on online education and to reduce education gap between children of different economic levels.

Need #1: The need to ensure that all needy students are equipped with devices to assist them in their education as well as for their online lessons and learning.

Need #2:  Increased IT literacy and student’s acceptance and readiness to strengthen their grasp in online education.

Need #3:  Reduced education gap between children of different economic levels.

Need #4:  To ensure that all children, especially girls, to remain in schools even with the impact on economy that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us.

Need #5:  To equip the children with knowledge on online sexual exploitation as they are spending more time online during school closures.

Need #6:  Minimize over-reliant to the Government in providing education tools and transferring such responsibilities to the communities.


Providing Devices for Students

We are seeking support from agencies / corporates / individuals for the OneDOS community drive to offer one student with one device that can be used for their online school lessons and learning.
Devices to be purchased or accepted via donation are tablets and laptops.

The followings are the minimum specifications of the laptops needed.

Specification of the Devices needed

  • i3 - i5 (4th Gen above)
  • Min RAM (4GB)
  • Harddisk (HDD / SSD 250GB and above)

Note: Donors are to reformat computers so that there are no files remaining on the memory.

Providing Online Workshops and Coaching

To overcome these challenges, online workshops and coaching sessions will also be provided to the students/parents (primary school) to ensure acceptance and readiness of technology and online classes are at a minimum level among the students for the online learning.

Target Beneficiaries

The target beneficiaries are Students in Government Primary / Secondary Schools between the ages of 7 to 17 in Malaysia. The devices collected will be given to the allocated schools.

Online Learning is the way to go

Either study at school or online, technology does give added values for student to reach information in seconds. Many educators who have been using laptops in the classroom have already discovered the advantages of this versatile tool. The teachers are able to personalize instruction more and the student could ask question without interrupting the class. This provides curriculum support and additional information to students while promoting better organization in keeping track of their assignments.

Formal teaching from school together with coaching and mentoring from the coaches will foster online collaboration with other students, improve students’ computer skills and make learning more interesting for technology-savvy students.

If you or your organisation would like to donate used or new laptops or if you would like to donate funds to drive this Visionary Community Project, please fill up the Form or you can email / call us at the address and number listed below.

Project Partners

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.

~ Rabindranath Tagore
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